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Best Apps For Android:

Today I will tell you about the best apps for android, which are mostly used by android users. By using these apps, you can do your work very quickly.

Most of Android users use many apps and fill their smartphone space, but most apps are useless. If you are installing more apps, your smartphone can slow down.

People should use the less and useful app in their smartphone so that there is no problem with their smartphone.

Peoples need many apps like traveling apps, video editing apps, photography apps, etc. but they install only a few selected apps so that their mobile does not have a spacing problem later.

Today we have brought some chosen apps for you so that you can use them when needed. So let’s get started about the most useful and best apps for android.

Best Apps For Android

Glympse – Share GPS Location

Glympse – Standort teilen
Glympse – Standort teilen
  • Glympse – Standort teilen Screenshot
  • Glympse – Standort teilen Screenshot
  • Glympse – Standort teilen Screenshot
  • Glympse – Standort teilen Screenshot

Glympse is a location-sharing app; it is used to share the location of your family member. It is a real-time location-sharing app, and you can use it to share the exact location with your friends and family members.

You can find the location of your friend or family member by sending a Glympse, and after a few minutes, your Glympse expires automatically.

It not required sign-up to use it and share your real-time location with dynamic map. The app works with your GPS and internet connection and it runs automatically in the background.

It is a webby award winner app (win in 2014) and selected in “15 best mobile apps of 2011” by Mashable. Share your running route with followers of facebook and twitter, and upon arriving home late, give your information to your family with your location.

Parallel Space – Multiple Accounts and Two-Face

Parallel Space-Mehrfachkonten
Parallel Space-Mehrfachkonten
Developer: LBE Tech
Price: Free+

Parallel Space is a clone app maker, and it is used to run multiple accounts of a single app at the same time by cloning app. The app allows users to customize their clone app theme and parallel space theme.

It supports almost 24 languages and compatible with most of the android apps. The app supports almost all android apps for the second account, and both apps do not interfere with each other.

Users also can protect their privacy by Incognito installation and may lock their private space apps. Fast switch between two accounts with just a single tap for managing different accounts.

Super Backup & Restore

Super Backup: SMS & Kontakt
Super Backup: SMS & Kontakt

It is the fastest backup and restoring app for android. Mobile idea studio developed the app and available in both free and premium.

This app is for those who want to secure their data so that it can be restored when needed. You can take the backup of all the functions of your smartphone and share your apps with your friends.

If you want to take an automatic backup from this app, you have to give all access and must put it in the ignored apps list. So, it is the best app for android for backup.

Best Ringtone Apps For Android


It is a storage cleaner and memory booster app for android. It is developed by piriform and also available for pc as a software.

CCleaner available in both free and premium versions but you don’t need to buy it because its free version works right enough.

After installing it, it optimizes your phone and clean junk files from it. Its free version works manually you can boost your phone by a single tap on the analyze button.

Blue Light Filter

iBlue Blauer Lichtfilter
iBlue Blauer Lichtfilter
Developer: PANAGOLA
Price: Free

It is an ad-free blue light filter app; it protects your eyes from getting weak. Panagola developed it, and it is a very tiny sized (0.2MB) app for android and tablets.

It is a small-sized app but has too many features. You can set the time duration of the filter according to yourself, and In the top slider, you will see its widget, which you can use to control the lights.

Citymapper – Transit Navigation

Citymapper is a navigation app like as google map. It developed by Citymapper Limited, and it is a fully user responsive app.

It shows you the fastest route to get from one place to another in the city. If for some reason that route gets interrupted, then it informs you through notifications so that you can find another way to avoid traffic jams.

It shows the way of metro/subway from entry to exit. It tracks the real-time location of the taxi, buses, and more transportation.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot
  • LastPass Password Manager Screenshot

LastPass is a password security manager app. It stores your passwords and personal information in the Vault lock and encrypts them.

When you fill an online form, It automatically fills your details and passwords in the form and in this way your passwords And secures the personal information.

You will create your strong master password to secure your vault lock and always keep that password in your mind. It keeps your generated password secure and auto-login when needed.


Todoist is a plan maker app; it helps you to organize your plans and projects. You can organize your plan in it, and it helps you in a mannered way.

You can schedule your daily plan or weekly plan in it, and it makes your full contribution in completing that task.

It can track your habits on a daily and weekly basis, and you can see your progress level. The app allows setting time and location reminder, but it is a pro feature.

Secure VPN

Secure VPN(a virtual private network) is a free and tiny size VPN app; it is available only in 4.4MB. You can use it to hide your personal information or IP Address while going online.

The VPN encrypts your data so that no hacker can find out about your details. It connects on a single tap.

There is no need to give any permission to use it, and there is no need to register on it. You can click on the flash icon(top right corner) to select the fastest server.

You can use it for online transactions. So it is the best apps for android. You can use it to check.

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Evernote is a note-taking app for android. It is a highly secured app, and you can save your notes privately or publically.

It has many options for making your notes as like scan your notebook notes, add site URL, photo and attach audio and all your records will always be with you.

The app also allows you to add documents like PDF and Microsoft Word, and you can also view the saved notes on your PC and use it anywhere.

After installing it, you can watch the video to use it properly.


Here we have provided information about the most useful Best Apps For Android. The help of these apps you can do work easily in android phones. If you are like our article please like and share it.


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