Top 5 Best Free Apps For Youtubers


Top 5 Best Free Apps For Youtubers:

Nowadays, the list of YouTube Creators is increasing day by day, some of which are creators who handle their YouTube accounts from the mobile, then we have brought some exclusive apps for them. Here are some Best apps for youTubers.

top 5 apps for youtubers

What Apps Do Youtubers Use?

Many YouTubers in the world use many applications to enhance their viewers and to succeed in their YouTube career such as Video Editing Apps, YouTube Creator Studio, etc. Below we are telling you about the apps used by some of the best YouTubers.


Snapseed is a top-rated app for photo editing. It is a photo-editing application launched by Google, and we can edit YouTube thumbnails through this app, we can increase or decrease the brightness of a photo. With the help of this app, you can make the picture quite attractive.  It is a handy app for photo editing. So this is the best app for youtube creators.

Open Camera

Open Camera is a free camera app with fully featured. Suppose you don,t have a DSLR Camera then this app is handy for you.

open camera app

In this app, you can select  I S O of your video auto mode. In this app, you can manage the resolution of your video & white balance accordingly. It is a useful feature in the open camera app that if your phone does not have the first flash, then your video will be quite good after using the bulb option.  If this app is useful for you, then you must install it. So this is also the best app for youtube creators.

YouTube Studio

Youtube studio is a handy app for youtube creators. In this app, you can manage your channel and see the past 24 hours of views, how much your channel is moving, can change your thumbnail, tag your video. You can watch the watch time of your video. From which country your video is being viewed more. You can see the activity of your day after installing this app on your phone. You can try this app by investing it in your this is also the best app for youtube creators.

Legend – Animate Text in Video

legend app logo

Legend is a great app. With this app, you can create intro or outro for your video. There are plenty of options to develop intro in this app. If you are talking about a topic in your video, then you can use this app even there. In this app, you will find plenty of designs so you can use it to make your intro or outro, But you have to adjust music separately. You want to add intro or outro to your video so that your video looks better; then you can use this app. It is a good app.

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live

DU Screen Recorder also works with Video Editing app with a Screen Recording app. This app also features a sound recording with screen recording. The quality of the recorded sound is quite good. It is a medium video editor. When we register a screen by it, it works for editing it. While recording the screen, we can reduce or increase the screen resolution accordingly in it. If you are looking for a screen recording app, then you can install it, this is a great app.

Is A YouTube Channel Free?

Yes, YouTube channel is free, and this platform never takes money from you, but if your channel becomes popular, you can earn money from it.

How Do You Make Money On YouTube?

There are many ways to make money from YouTube, of which the best way is Adsense and affiliate marketing.

To earn money from Adsense, first of all, monetize your channel according to the guidelines of YouTube and make money and if you want to make money from affiliate marketing then join an affiliate program like Amazon or Flipkart.

The affiliate link for the product that you’ve created Put down the video if someone purchases your product through that link, then a few percent commission will get, And you can earn good money from him.

What Apps Is Best For YouTube Videos?

There are many applications available to make a youtube video, but we will tell you about some great apps. Some of which are as follows

  • Viva Video
  • Magisto
  • Kine Master
  • iMovie

Want to know more video editing apps click here


You can edit video with some limitations in the apps available for mobile video editing. If you’re going to give your professional video look, then you can buy video editing software and give your video a better look.

For the best apps for your users, we told you all the conclusions if you like our article, please do please share.

  So This Is The Top 5 Best Free Apps For Youtubers I Hope You Love It.



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