11 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android (2020)


Best Battery Saver Apps For Android:

Hello, guys today, we are going to write about Best Battery Saver Apps For Android. You know that battery saving is a massive issue of smartphones.

As the smartphone becomes old, its battery backup starts decreasing, so we have to use some external apps to run the battery more. I will give you a list of those Best Battery Saver Apps For Android That Actually Works.

We are providing you some popular battery saver app, and you can use one of them which you want for your smartphone. Some of these applications may take a few days to control your smartphone battery, but they work perfectly.

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android
Battery saver Apps for Android

List Of Best Battery Saver Apps For Android


Battery saving app
Greenify battery saver app

Greenify is a good battery saver app for android, and it made by Oasis Feng and available in only 2.5 MB.

It is one of the most powerful battery saver and speed booster apps. After installing it, the battery of your smartphone will be spent very slowly, even if you have installed many apps on your smartphone.

Yes, It is a powerful app; Trust me.

This app is available for root and non-root both devices, but more functions and better power with root devices.

This app helps reduce battery consumption. When an app is misbehaving with it, it hibernates that app.

Note⇒ It never hibernates your alarm and messaging app, and it is a lightweight app so, it will not use your battery. You can select the apps you want to close by clicking the + button above.

Du Battery Saver

Du Battery Saver
Best battery saver app
Du Battery

Du Battery Saver is a unique battery saver app. It made by Issa Adnani and available in 15 MB.

Du Battery saver is used to clean smartphone RAM, and its CPU cooler feature increases smartphone battery performance. And its powerful booster deletes the cache and gives you more free space in your smartphone.

It is a multi-function app, and it has a privacy Advisor, Trash Cleaner, App locker, Wifi security, safe browser, App manager, Network booster, and Battery saver.

In the battery saver section, you will find all battery problems, and the app will resolve it, and it shows battery voltage, temperature, and battery level. It extends battery up to 80%.

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Battery Doctor

Battery doctor Battery  saver app for android

Battery Doctor is a free battery saver app for android. It made by Cheetah Mobile Inc. and available in 15 MB only.

Battery Doctor app increases your battery performance by up to 50%. It finds those apps which are draining your smartphone battery quickly.

The app will disable unnecessary apps, and which app uses more battery power, it will hibernate them.

The app shows battery charging time, the remaining time, and it has a power-saving mode for sleep, class, or work modes. CPU management works with rooted devices, and the app has battery saving tips; you can read those tips.


Battery saving App for android

AccuBattery is one of the best battery saver apps for android. It made by Digibites and available in 4.4 MB only.

AccuBattery measure your battery in (mAH) and protect your battery health. You can use its charge alarm feature for increasing battery life, and you can measure how much time your phone takes to charge fully.

It is a superb battery app; you can check your real battery capacity in mAH, check your battery charge or discharge graph per day, and check how much your battery will run in the current situation.

After purchasing its pro version, there will be no ad display on your screen, and you will get the battery stats in detail through the notifications.

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dfndr battery

dfndr battery saver app for android

dfndr battery is a potent battery saving app for android. It offered by PSafe and available in 17 MB.

dfndr is a mighty power saving app, and it will stop those apps which using your battery in background and drain your smartphone battery very fast.

When your phone gets hot while using it, then you can use its CPU cooler feature to cool your phone battery. You can also use its lock screen charge monitor to protect your smartphone from overcharging.

The app gives a detailed report of battery health, and its screen saver technology reduces the screen to 33 percent without reducing the brightness of the display, which is an excellent feature.

It gives you the option of which app you want to keep open and which you want to close. If you like this app, you can download it here.

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Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky Battery saving app for android

Kaspersky is a free battery saver app for android. It offered by Kaspersky Lab Switzerland and available in 13 MB only.

You can boost battery life with a free Kaspersky battery saver app. It monitors all those apps that spent more battery in the background and notify you about those apps.

It also has an inbuilt app lock for protecting your mobile app, and you can set the password to protect the application.

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Green Battery

Green battery saving app

The green battery is one of the free battery saver apps for android, and it offered by cxzh(.)ltd and available only in 6 MB.

It will show you how long your battery will last and how long it will take to charge, with just one click you can save your battery power and stop all apps that use your battery in the background.

Its super power-saving mode turns off Forcely apps, and the customized power-saving method gives you the chance to select apps according to your needs.

During battery charging, the green battery monitors your phone so that overcharging will not affect your battery incorrectly.

It also boosts and cleans your phone and simultaneously protects the battery. But it shows too many ads.

Power Battery

Power battery saving app for android

Power Battery is one of the best battery saver and memory cleaner app for android and it offered by QUOC ANH Entertainment and available only in 7 MB.

It turns off all the power-consuming apps in just one click. When your phone is not in use, it activates deep sleep mode, which increases the time of your battery, and it works even better on non-rooted mobiles.

You can remove the junk files of your phone in one click, which can prove to be very helpful in optimizing your battery.

Its phone cooler feature keeps analyzing the temperature of the battery so that there is no problem of overheating on the phone.

It shows both the battery remaining time and charging time and You can choose battery saving mode Normal/Save/Extra Save according to yourself.

Its intelligent brightness controller controls your phone brightness, and it is a simple and effective battery management app for android.

BatteryBot Battery Indicator

BatteryBot Battery saving app

BatteryBot is a tiny battery app for android, and it offered by Darshan Computing, LLC, and available only in 1.4 MB.

This is an easy user interface and an ad-free app. It shows your battery percentage, battery discharging time, estimated charging time, but its estimated timing not much accurate.

It is only an indicator app, and it displays the temperature and health of your phone. Its Pro version is also available on the Play Store.

Battery Saver

Battery Saver app For Android

Battery Saver is one of the best free battery saver apps, and it offered by techies and available only in 4.4 MB.

It optimizes your phone battery with a single click. If your phone gets heated, its cooldown feature handles it. It displays charging time status and battery health.

With the installation of this app, it finds those apps which drain more battery while not in use and hibernates all of these apps, which use more battery.


Avast Battery saver app

Avast Cleanup is an efficient battery saver app. It offered by Avast Software and available in 11 MB.

Avast is a battery optimizer and phone cleaner app for Android. It automatically optimizes your phone battery, and it also cleans your phone junk files and wastage storage of your smartphone.

You can see e which app uses more space in your smartphone, and you can delete them if that is not in use.

Avast battery life monitors the apps that use your battery more, and you can see the growth size of these apps.

The app also deletes duplicate photos from your phone space; it gives you to chance to review that photos want to remove or not.


Guys, we have covered all vital Best Battery Saver Apps For Android. If you use applications according to your needs, then you will not need any battery saver app. If you like this article, please like it and share it with your friends on social platforms.


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