Best Free Awesome Dialer Apps For Android


Today I’m going to write about Best Free Dialer Apps For Android. All these apps are 100% genuine and useful. In fact, I have used all these apps; These are the best android dialer replacement apps.

In today’s era, along with style, security is also necessary, so we have chosen apps that do not compromise with security; they are absolutely Genuine.

The use of some dialer apps may cause some problems in the smartphone. If this happens, then you should not use that app.

Excellent Contact/Dialer Apps For Android


Addappt dialer app

Addappt is a fully secured contact and dialer apps for Android and it offered by Addappt, Inc.  you can use it for your smartphone.

In this app, your contact and conversation are entirely safe because it does not store your communications in its server.

When your friends change their contact information on their phones, it is automatically updated. 

You can send custom SMS with a single tap, and it filled with many more features. It is a beautiful dialer app for android, must use it.

Trust, me.


  • It does not keep your information on its server.
  • It allows you to connect with your verified email.
  • The app pure spam-free.
  • Entirely secured.

Drupe Dialer

Drupe Dialer app

Drupe is one of the best dialer apps for android. Its design is super fabulous; you can block spammers directly with its spam indicator feature.

You could record your calls and save them on your phone. This app replaces your unexciting dialer with its bold dialer.

Use its id tracker and blocker to stop unwanted calls. It supports drag and drops feature to make a call, send SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

A dotted icon is always on your screen, which you can easily access on the dialer screen by swiping it.


  • It has inbuilt WhatsApp, skype, twitter, & more apps.
  • The app supports many languages.
  • It has an Auto call recorder (ACR).
  • All apps are in a single place.
  • You can block spam calls.
  • Block unwanted caller.

If you have any difficulty in using or understanding the dialer of this app, then you can watch this video.


TrueCaller dialer app

TrueCaller is a smart dialer and contacts app. It offered by True Software Scandinavia AB.

TrueCaller has many features such as smart messaging, smart dialer, and UPI Pay, but I’m only focusing on the dialer of the app.


If any person calls you, his number is not saved in your mobile contact list; then, it will show you the name of the caller so that you can identify who he is.

Its powerful dialer blocks spammers and telemarketers, who always bother you by calling. This app gives you the option to do the backup of your call history, the SMS conversation, and contacts list and save it to google drive. 

And it also has a feature to record your essential voice call.


  • Its quick message identify every unknown SMS automatically.
  • Chatting, calling, messaging do all at a single place.
  • Transfer money from your account with UPI Pay.
  • It helps to block spam calls.


EyeCon dialer app

EyeCon is a good calling and contacts app. It offered by Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts, and it is a lightweight app.

This app uses Facebook and more social networks to identify correct caller information. Use Truecaller id to see caller names and photos.

This app protects you from spammers and unknown callers, its caller ID depends on social media, so its information and photos are entirely correct.

You can also connect your dialer with WhatsApp, LinkedIn, SMS, Facebook, and more with a single tap. The app has about 30+ inbuilt themes; You can set the theme according to your mood.

You can control how your image will look at your friend’s mobile while making a call. Believe, me The app is so good.

Note: Don,t syncing with social media.


  • It is fully protected from spammers and hackers.
  • Mostly correct information it will provide.
  • Cool and lightweight app.
  • Connect socially with one tap.
  • Well organized dialer.


Contacts+ dialer app

Contacts+ is one of the prominent contact and dialer apps. It designed by the Contacts Plus team.

You can block spam calls or unwanted calls via its caller Id. It has two white, and black themes; you have to choose according to your needs.

In one app, you get dialer s.m.s. And you get a lot of features. You can call through this app by double clicking on a number.


  • Supports speed dial.
  • Double-tap on the number to make the call.
  • It supports android wear.
  • You can do fast searches with its dialer.
  • Twin black and white themes.
  • Block spam callers.

Simpler Caller ID

simpler caller id contact app

Simpler caller Id is tremendous and free contacts and dialer apps for android. It offered by Simpler Apps Inc.

This app will show you the name of the unknown caller on the screen so that you will know who is calling me. You can easily block spam calls and spammers through it.

The app allows you to merge your duplicate contacts quickly. The app allows you to merge your duplicate contacts easily, and you could send group SMS and Email immediately.

It has almost 30+ themes; you can choose according to your needs and find duplicates contacts and merge with primary contacts.

You can do an offline backup of your contacts and send .vcf file to your email. If you want to restore contacts just upload that .vcf file.


  • Fully spam-protected.
  • You can stop/block unwanted phone calls.
  • Protect your contacts with backup (Offline backup also available).
  • Instant access to favorite callers.
  • Filter contacts instantly.
  • Remove unused contacts with a single tap.

Zen UI Dialer

ZenUi dialer

Zen UI Dialer is a powerful dialer. It offered by Mobile, ASUSTek Computer Inc.

It is a cool dialer and helps to stop spam callers, telemarketers. Use its smart search feature to finding your contacts.

You can optimize your logs, themes as you need. By using the email address and mobile number, you can use the same data in different mobiles.

You can set up a password to your contact list, logs, and history. If someone tries to open that password by entering the wrong password, the app will secretly click its photo.


  • Spam protection.
  • Password Protected.
  • Inbuilt Themes.
  • Smart search contact finder.
  • Speed Dial.
  • Block unwanted calls by its blocking feature.

Phone By Google

Google by google

Everyone knows that Google is highly secured; Google develops it, so it a highly secured app.

The app offers to Google duo high-quality video calling so that you can do Google duo video calling in the app.

Stop spammers and unwanted calls in real-time and block them, so they never reach you anymore.

While making a video call, you shorten the screen so that multi-tasking can be done easily. You can check your voice mail directly and download it on your smartphone.


  • Block spam and unwanted calls.
  • Google Due inbuilt video calls.
  • Avoid unwanted calls.
  • Caller ID.
  • Visual voicemail.
Best Dialer apps for android


So, these are helpful and well-customized best dialer apps for Android. You can like the dialer app as per your need and design so that it looks suitable for people.

Which of these dialer apps did you like, tell us in the comments. If you liked this article, then do like and share it.


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