Best English To Telugu Translation Apps


Best English To Telugu Translation Apps:

In this article, we will write about Best English To Telugu Translation Apps. Many apps available on the internet but most of the apps are useless or do not work well.

Some peoples love to learn new languages, so in this case, these apps can prove to be very useful for them.

If you are looking for such apps, or want to read the detailed review about these apps, then definitely read this article.

Before writing this article, we have used many apps, after which we have written this article. So, you can use these apps without any worry.

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English To Telugu Translation Apps For Android

  • English To Telugu Translator

English to telugu translator apps
Tel- Eng Translator

It is a useful app for translating English to the Telugu language. It launched by all dictionary app in 2016 & its latest update came in December 2018.

The current version of the app is 3.8 & more than 100000+ installs. It also works as a dictionary app, & available only in 10MB.

The app is excellent for translating English to Telugu or English to Kannada. It is a free app, so translate words or sentence free for lifetime.

Dictionary of the app also works offline & translator only works online. People who have difficulty in pronouncing word can hear its pronunciation through the app.

There are more than millions of words available in the application and shows those words with the sentence.

Features Of This App

  • It has a minimal size.
  • Speedy app.
  • Offline English To Telugu Dictionary.
  • Online Eng. To Tlg. Translator.
  • Simple & easy to understand.

Android |

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  • Telugu-English Translator

english To Telugu Translator
English To Telugu Translator

TE-EN Translator app is a most useful app for those who want to convert phrases or words Tel-Eng or Eng-Telugu. Klay’s Development team developed this app.

The interface of the app is easy to use or very simple. The app is handy for those peoples who want to learn English or Telugu.

This app gives you real-time conversation & it also supports voice input. Due to your favorites list and history, you can also view translated information offline.

Features of this app

  • Easy to use interface.
  • It supports voice input.
  • Favorite & history feature option.
  • Translation of phrases & words.

Android |

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  • Google Translate

Google translate
Translate google

Google Translate is the best Telugu Translation app. It is a product of google & supports almost 1000 of language.

The app launched in January 2010 for android. The app can translates 103 speech through typing. If you copy a text, the pop-up of this app opens, you can convert your text by clicking on it & it also works without the internet but only for 59 languages.

The app is mainly used to change languages. You can easily convert your text eng-tel. The app has a camera feature through which it instantly turns your language.

Take a picture of the text or sentence for high-quality translation. It supports handwriting, and if you want to write the word with your own hands, it gives you real-time convert. Save your history or interpretation for future reference.

Features of this app

  • Easy to use features.
  • Handwriting feature is handy.
  • Supports more than 100+ languages.
  • Save phrasebook in any language.
  • This app translates over 30 languages instantly.
Permission Required

After installing the google translate app required authorization.

  • To use a microphone, you have to authorize it.
  • To use camera access to take the photo for translating.
  • SMS access for translating massages.
  • Storage for offline downloading data.

Android |

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  • Microsoft Translator

Microsoft translator

Microsoft translator is an excellent translating app. The app supports translate text, images, voice & speech conversation into 60+ languages.

It is a Best English To Telugu translation apps & you can download your preferred language for offline converting.

In this app, you can photograph text with the camera and convert it into your language. This app gives you real-time voice translation feature.

Connect your smartphone to another smartphone through this app, and you can talk to people in your writing. When you travel outside the home, you can translate your language with offline mode. And it gives the option to share your translation with other peoples.

When you start the app for the first time, it will take you to the phrasebook, but there is no need to download it. After that, you have to come back; then you will see four options, one of which will be the microphone, keyboard, users and the camera.

You have to select the keyboard; then you can choose your language and convert it. Some languages do not have all the features.

Features Of This App

  • Such a great app is available in just 50MB.
  • The camera feature is available to convert the words written in a book.
  • Voice translation to convert with speaking.
  • Connects the device so that you can talk to others in your language.
  • You can use the app without internet.
  • Translation pronunciation guide available in this app.
  • Share your translations with others.
  • More than two people can talk together.
  • Translate text in other applications with context menu.

Android |

English To Telugu Translation Apps For iOS

  • English To Telugu Translator

Eng-Tel Translator

It is an English to Telugu translation app for iPhone users and is only available for iOS. The app launched by SentientIT Software Solution Private Limited and is only available in 50MB.

It is a free app and has been developed for travel because many people don’t know the Telugu language. iOS 9.0 or above is required to install the app.

There is a better option for those learning Telugu from English. You can translate your language by writing or speaking through this app.

As you can see in the picture above, there are more than 2000 phrases available in the categories for English to Telugu Translation.

Features OF This App

  • The audio of the translated word plays automatically after you typing.
  • Works offline English to Telugu or Telugu To English Translation.
  • Easily bookmark your favorite phrases.
  • The initial conversations of English to Telugu are available in this app.

iOS |

  • Telugu English Translator

Telugu English Translator

Telugu English Translator is also the best app for iPhone users. It launched by Luong Thi Hoai Thu and is only available in 19MB.

Telugu English translator is a free app, and iOS 8.0 or later version is required to install the app. This app is rated 3.7 out of 5 by peoples.

It is a free app able to translate words from English to Telugu and Telugu to English. Best application for fast translation and, easy to use interface.

If you are a student or wayfarer, it will help you to coach English or Telugu language. Hear your translated text in audio in the app. Through this app share your converted text directly social media with your friends.

You can copy text from other sources and paste in Telugu English Translator, and it will translate your pasted text to your selected language. It supports voice translation; it means you do not need to write to convert any text.

You can save your translated words in one place so that you can see them later when needed. It has a camera option for photo translating. Save your favorite translated words or phrases in your list.

Features Of Telugu To English Translator Apps

  • Voice translation.
  • The user-friendly and straightforward interface.
  • Save your satisfying translation to favorite list.
  • Listen to the translated text and communicate with your family or friends.
  • Translate the text with your voice command.
  • Share your translation directly with your friends.
  • Free English to Telugu translation app.

iOS | 

  • English To Telugu Translator – Telugu-English translation


English To Telugu Translator is a functional language converter. It developed by Hanna Rudak for iPhone users. The app was made only for education purpose.

Size of the app is 6MB. Rating of the app is 3.7 out of 5 in the app store. iOS 6.0 or later is required to install the app.

Features Of This App

  • It is a free and small size app.
  • User-friendly and easy interface.
  • There are six languages available in this app.

iOS |

  • Google Translate (English To Telugu Translation apps)

Google Translate for iphone
Translate Google

I know that I am going to write about the Google Translate app again. I mentioned it in the section of English to Telugu Translation Apps for Android, But this app is available for both platforms Android and iPhone so that I will review it for the iPhone.

Google translate allows translates between 103 languages by typing in the app. According to the Apple Store, 4.4 out of 5 ratings has given by users.

It works offline for translating words and phrases. Camera translation of the app supports 88 languages, and as soon as the camera focuses on a sentence, the app converts it.

Take the photo and upload to it on the app for higher quality translation. It supports bilingual conversation translating.

You can be drawing text with your hands on its surface to translate any word. Save your favorite translation on your list.

Features Of This App

  • Free and easy to use features.
  • The app translates over 30+ languages instantly.
  • Use your microphone for bilingual conversation.
  • Camera for instant translation.
  • It supports handwriting.
  • Save your favorite phrasebook in any language

iOS |

English To Telugu Translation Dictionary

  • U-Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary Free Now

    U-Dictionary App

U-Dictionary is a perfect English to Telugu Translation App. It has offered by Youdao (Hong Kong) Limited for education and translation purpose.

It has been downloaded 50+ million times. It has a rating of 4.4 in the Play Store. The size of this app for android is 52MB only.

It is an English learning and translator app. This app best for those who want to learn English, Telugu, and other languages.

It is a free dictionary app and has many features. U-Dictionary is not only a dictionary, but it also a multiple-language translator.

It supports 44+ languages and has many features like wordnet dictionary, sample sentence, bilingual sentences, synonyms, antonyms, and phrases, etc.

Users use it for learning because it has quizzes, learning games, and English articles for learners.

Through this app, you can test seven Indian languages, including 12 global languages and can translate between about 108 languages.

It allows you to download offline packages for the languages of your choice. It has magic translation option for translating any app, and It allows 12 languages for photo translating.

If you want to translate offline then download the offline package then you can convert your language without internet. Copy to translate a word, after copying; an automatic pop up will show, click on it.

It will translate. When you turn on the lock screen, you will see a new word with meaning, and it will help you in learning.

Save your essential words or phrases in your folder. You will get to read articles of big popular websites in the app, which you can read in your free time.

Features Of This App

  • It is a free app and full of lots of features.
  • Translate in any other app with the help of magic ball translation.
  • Can translate into any two languages ​​simultaneously.
  • You can download an offline package for 58 languages.
  • You can copy words while reading a message or article.
  • Use the app in your native language.

Android iOS

  • i-Translate Translator And Dictionary

i-Translate English To Telugu Translation apps
English To Telugu Translation apps

i-Translate is a premium English to Telugu translation dictionary. i-Translate basically a pro app. It is available both free or pro version. It is a leading free translator or dictionary app.

You can translate your text and voice-voice conversation about 100+ languages. The app allows the offline mode to translate your queries while without having the internet. We will tell you its all the features of both free and pro.

Free Features

  • You can translate your text about 100+ languages.
  • Switch your language when you translate.
  • Share your translated words on social platforms.
  • Save your favorite translated words in the list.
  • Available dictionary for all languages.

Pro Features

  • Use your camera for instant translation.
  • Offline mode translation is available for pro members only.
  • Voice to voice conversation
  • Translate your verb conjugation.

Android iOS

  • Offline Telugu To English Language Dictionary

English To Telugu Translation apps
English To Telugu Translation apps

It is the best dictionary app for iPhone users. It is a fully offline dictionary app, therefore no need to use the internet for translating words. The app has the option to save your favorite words to the favorites folder.

When you search a word in this app, then it also shows its grammatical functions and examples of that word. Offline Telugu to English translator dictionary has the option to translate an image to text and pronounce it loudly.

The app has approximately 10 thousand antonyms and synonyms. It shows suggestions when typing, and it is basically designed for the iPhone and iPad, so it also translates foreign languages.

Features Of This App

  • It is free and easy to use.
  • It is Fully Offline app, so don’t need to use the internet.
  • When typing, it shows suggestions for that word.
  • The app has almost 10k antonyms & synonyms.
  • App also translates foreign languages.

iOS |


Many people are very fond of traveling outside, so if any want to go to South India, this article beneficial for them. Some peoples do not understand the South Indian language.

Therefore we have written about Best English To Telugu Translation Apps so that they do not have trouble after reaching there.

In this article, we have written all English To Telugu Translation apps, if any app missed by mistake, then please comment and tell. If you like our article then definitely like and share it.



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