English To Kannada Translation Apps


English To Kannada Translation Apps:

In this article, we are going to write Best English To Kannada Translation Apps. You know that India is a beautiful place; therefore, it has many cultures and languages.

So here different cultures peoples use different language, like Gujrati language for Gujrat, Kannada for Karnataka, etc.

Many peoples want to go on a journey, but they cannot go just because they don’t know the language of that place.

In that a situation, they need an interpreter that can overcome this problem, that medium should be a man someone who knows the language of that place, or they could use digital applications.

We will tell you about a few popular apps, using which you can convert to English to Kannada. If you like English To Kannada Translation Apps article after reading, then please like and share it.

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English To Kannada Translation Apps For Android

  • English To Kannada Translator

English to kannada transator app
En-Kann translator app

It is Best English To Kannada translation app for android. It is offline and free to use. Free download English to Telugu translation largest dictionary app, and it provides words with their definitions.

To fully understand the meaning, sentences are also displayed along with it so that you do not have trouble understanding it.

To read or speak a word correctly, you can also hear its pronunciation. You can translate offline for English to Kannada or from Kannada to English.

If you want to type word or sentence in Kannada, you can use the Kannada keyboard in it. The app is suitable for a traveler or learner who wants to learn Kannada or English.


  • Free to use.
  • Directly share your data with your friends.
  • Save your translated data.
  • It is a translator and also a dictionary.
  • Translate offline without internet, When you are outside the home.

Android |

  • Kannada-English Translator

Kannada English Translator
Kannada English Translator

Kann-Eng Translator is the best app for English To Kannada translation. It is user-friendly and free to use.

The app instantly translates your words and phrases in the preferred language, and you can listen to that translation. Share your translated words with your friends and family members for motivation.

It is a useful app for fast and easy translation, and it works as a dictionary app. Share your translation directly to WhatsApp, and if you are a traveler or student, it can help you to learn. Easy to use and userfriendly design.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Translate English To Kannada or from Kannada to English.
  • The app is better for learning.
  • It is also a dictionary.
  • Save your favorites words.
  • Easily copy words and paste them in the app.
  • Text to speech feature.
  • Dictate your text to typing.

Android |

English To Telugu Translator app

  • Kannada-English Translator

English-Kannad Translating app
English-Kannad Translating app

It is an English to Kannada translating app. It is a tiny size app, and more than 10000+ active installs, android version 4.0 (minimum) required to install this app.

Kannada English Translator developed by play solution, and it made only for educational purposes. This app is entirely free and translates very fast; it is the best app for who want to learn the Kannada language.

It has voice translation feature so that you can translate words and phrases with your voice. You can directly share your translated words with your friends, and you can copy your translation to use anywhere.


  • See your live translation in the app.
  • Free and easy user interface.
  • Speedy translation.
  • Share your translated text.
  • It supports voice input for fast translation.
  • Copy your translation to use it anywhere.
  • Listen to your translation.
  • Save your favorite translated data.

Android |

  • English To Kannada Translation With Dictionary

English To Kannada Translation App with Dictionary
English To Kannada Translation App with Dictionary

It is the best English To Kannada App for android users. Atmiya Tools developed this app and are available only in 4.6MB. It is a new and free app, so only 100+ active installs.

It is a translator and dictionary app and is a bilingual app, so it only supports English to Kannada or Kannada to English. The app has voice input feature for translating your words. You can share your translation directly with your friends.


  • It is free, easy to use, and user-friendly.
  • Share your favorite translation to anyone.
  • Easy English to Kannada Translation.
  • Voice input for fast translation.
  • Save your favorite translation.
  • Listen to your translated sentence.

Android |

English To Kannada Translation Apps for iPhone

  • English To Kannada Translator


It is the best translator app for iPhone lovers. Girish Chovatiya developed this app; it works both modes offline and online. It is a free medium-size app and iOS 8.0 or later required to install this app.

The app made only for education purposes. This app shows the meanings of Kannada words in the English language.

The app has a family sharing option (Up to six family members able to use this app when family share option is enabled). It is an offline translator, that means no internet connection required for translating.

This app is specially designed to learn English and Kannada skills. It works entirely without internet, so if you are in a rural area, then this app can help you a lot.


  • It is free and easy to use.
  • Shows meanings of Kannada in English.
  • It is a small size app and has more than 60000+ dictionary words.
  • Fully offline app.
  • The app supports copy-paste translation.
  • Easy and speedy translation.

iOS |

  • English Kannada Translator and Dictionary

Kannada English Translation
Kannada English Translation

English Kannada translator is an excellent app for translating. It is a free app, developed by Hanna Rudak and available only 26MB. The app is very swift, and it designed exclusively for education.

It is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later and supports many foreign countries languages like Romanian, Catalan, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and many more.

Use copy feature to use your translated words. You can use text to speech feature to listen to your translated words or phrases and bookmark your favorite translated words.

Share your translation to your friends and family members with any medium. It is the entire online app, and you can also type your words by speaking.


  • Free and easy translation.
  • Bookmark your favorite words.
  • Share your translation to social media and friends.
  • Use text to speak feature with auto speak.
  • Copy words for use.
  • See the history of the words you have translated.

iOS |

  • English To Kannada

English To Kannada
English To Kannada

It is an entirely free and best app for iOS users. Girish Chavotiya (app developer) developed this app and available only 30MB. It designed for education or learning purpose, and it works entirely offline.

Almost 16000+ English words are available with Kannada meaning. It is also a dictionary app, and almost more than one meaning is available for all words.

This app was developed for those who speak Kannada language and want to learn English or their skills. Translate your words with the copy/paste feature and listen to your translated sentences with text to speech feature.

Bookmark your words in a favorite list and erase unfavorite words. It is a lightweight, easy app and easy English pronunciation app. In this app, you will see a new word every day, which will be completely defined, and with the help of this, you can learn English.


  • Easy, accurate, and fast translation app.
  • Copy/paste translation.
  • 16000+ English words with Telugu meaning.
  • Hear your pronunciation of English words.
  • You can tap the word in the word search.
  • Entirely offline app.
  • Save your favorite words.
  • Share your translated words.

iOS |


We have covered all primary English To Kannada Translation Apps in this article. We can say any app the best when they solve all your queries and problems.

In this article, we have prepared a list of such best apps for you, read it, and give your opinion. If you like this article, so please definitely like and share it on social platforms.


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