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Ever since small dwarfs father passed away he’s been very much interested in locating the household treasure,  but truth be told it is not likely to be easy,  after all our small dwarf is so tiny and his pursuit he’s about to take on is a very long trip,  he’ll need endurance and energy to complete it.

Prepare casual games because another retro arcade platform game was published, and I could add an enjoyable one indeed. Endeavor is a straightforward pixel adventure game about a stunt that has to hunt for gemstone together with other intriguing collectibles to assist him with his quest.

The little game dwarf has such simple graphics with interactive characters you can talk to along the way. Attempt to locate personalities who need help on how,  if you make time to assist you they’ll provide you items that you use on your pursuit,  keep searching for those jewels.

Some of the items are somewhat hard to find; a few individuals incline to have trouble finding things such as the parachute,  lightning attack as well as the tiger if you are having difficulty finding gemstone or other collectibles it is possible to refer to the endeavor walkthrough for extra tips and solutions.  Overall the game is a well-made platform game suitable and fun for all ages.

If you enjoy adventure games such as Mario and other puzzle games with a bit of a challenge\/twist you will surely have fun, anyways hope you discover this review helpful, feel free to check it out sometime in your spare time.

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